Wait! What? No photos?

I has an egg

Send me at least one picture of last years PP and I will kindly remove this one.

I just realized that we have absolutely no photos of last year’s PunxPicNick! As if it never happened! How is this even possible? I’m really sure it did happen though. I had a great time again seeing old and new friends, eating loads of vegan kebab, watching some awesome bands, pissing in a gutter and having an epic hangover. So it did happen, but I have no pictures to prove it.

If you do just let me know. It doesn’t matter how crappy or fuzzy they are. You probably just managed to photograph the atmosphere of the day/night/morning. Please let me know. I would be very grateful and would finally have something to show to my¬†psychiatrist. Just place a comment. Next PunxPicNick I’ll buy you a beer. I promise.