Punxpicnick 2012

Hello everybody!!!

10 + 11 of august 2012  it’s gonna happen again in the Melderslo:

The Punxpicnick Melderslo!!!
Our concept: Bands,  Beers,  Vegan Food,  Campsite,  Distro’s,  Punk O Lympics and  NO DOGS!!

If you want to know the line-up, keep in touch!!!

See you in august!!!


Also this year: T-shirts

Again this year we will have some original white on black Punx Picnick t-shirts printed. Ted/Tad did the scribbly drawing thing on the front side and my job was to make sure everything is there. Of course G-rat was looking over our shoulder, giving last minute directions and “unwelcome advice” as he calls it.
If you see anyone walking around in one of those shirts just ask where they got it and I’m sure things will work out just fine. If you’re not interested at all: we couldn’t care less, they make great schottelslets.

T-shirts Punx Picnick 2011

Collector's item, fashion statement, a great way to hide the fact that you are bleeding from your abdomen and all fuzzy and warm in the winter: The original Punx Picnick T-shirt.